WordPress existed out of school?

WordPress is famous in my school, but not because all the kids were extremely creative and willing to create blogs to showcase their talents, but because the school created blogs for every student using WordPress’ dashboards. Sure, there were those few students who were willing to upload their art, but everyone else would groan whenever the teacher told us to review the day’s lesson in a blog post. A few of us who were expert procrastinators didn’t update for months, and the blogs were all left in the dust after we didn’t need them anymore.

After we had graduated from high school, I was cleaning up my friend’s browser (because she had way too many tabs for any sane person) and noticed that her laptop had WordPress’ dashboard open. At first I was confused, she couldn’t have been that lazy to close a site that we hadn’t used for months now, right? Then I realized that her username was different, and that the URL wasn’t that of the school’s. I clicked on her website and saw that it was filled with pictures of wildlife and completely free of school notes.


I commented on how lovely her blog is, and then the scramble for her laptop began. She desperately closed Chrome while I desperately tried to remember her URL. I succeeded.

I kept quiet for a while, until it was time for me to leave. Right before I entered the car, I told her that I knew what her blog’s address. She scolded me, and feeling just a tiny bit of guilt, I told her that I’d make my blog too and that I’d tell her later so that we would be even.

So then this was made, and in my head, we’re even.


9 thoughts on “WordPress existed out of school?

  1. Creating and developing your own blog sounds way more fun than being required to review lessons for school. Even if my school made WordPress a thing among the students, without interest it will quickly become a chore, which I feel it’s a shame.

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    • You hit it right on the nail, that is exactly how the students felt! I can’t say it’s too bad, I mean that was how this blog got created, and I am grateful for that. That and at the very least, I can always review my friend’s technology notes on advanced Excel in her school blog when I need it for university later haha :b


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