Oil, Meet Water

Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?

Though we aren’t that unlike, my friend is definitely unlike me in a few ways. I’m more soft-spoken and less open to argue against others, she’s completely willing to scold others in rough words to make them comply. That’s not a bad thing, in my eyes, it’s a good thing to put your foot down when others are second-guessing you. Especially if you don’t take shit from others, which she won’t.

There are a few other things that differentiates us. For one thing, she’s far more feminine than I am, quite a master at make-up and willing to wear dresses daily, while I’m only now just opening up to the prospect of wearing dresses for special occasions, let alone wear make-up. K-Pop is also one of her obsessions, whereas all the girls in K-Pop look the same to me (oops). She’s also currently studying in the UK, while I’m going to go in the opposite direction to New Zealand.

What makes us close is a few similar interests, including Time Crisis and bubble tea. Since it’s a limited number of interests, it’s almost astounding to know that we’re friends.

But actually, what really bonds us together is our personalities, to be more specific, how we’re nice. I’m not going to say that either of us are saints, but even though we have our flaws and disconnections, we’re still kind to each other, in a way that we’re friendly and open to each other’s friendships and conversations.

And to me, that’s the defining factor of our friendship, or really, any friendship. Even if you meet someone who is practically your twin in terms of personality and interests, you’d still stay the hell away from them if they’re evil. Or you know, just not nice in general. Why would you befriend someone who pushes you around and makes you feel bad?

Then again, I’m probably oversimplifying things, haha.


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