Remember when Blogger was the next big thing and everyone had blogs? Everyone, you, your dad, your grandma, your grandma’s cat (and its daily routine to the potty). I had one too that I started as a wee child, barely thirteen, I think. Started on 2009. I made it as a form of a journal/rant blog. Out of a bit of nagging curiosity about what I posted so long ago (a bit prompted by the comment shown above on the side), I went back to the old blog to see what I wrote as a young teenager.

And oh God I don’t want to ever see it again.

It was horrible… Okay, probably an over-exaggeration, but the fact remains that I was such a stupid kid back then. I hassled my non-existent readers for comments while I posted about mostly trivial stuff that would have embarrassed me so much in real life if a friend had found my blog. Trivial topics isn’t an issue, but I guess I groaned mostly because of the way I presented it. They were all just so… Childish.

Yeah I know, not very descriptive, but just imagine a thirteen-year-old on the Internet acting all high-and-mighty. Really, that’s basically cringe-worthy.

But what I did find interesting was how easy it was for little me to just shit out blog posts, a complete opposite of my current self (and something I just addressed this morning too). Perhaps it had something to do with being all high-and-mighty (and demanding readers).

But to be honest, it was fun to look back and see what I could have possibly written about. A very minimal number of posts did contain a topic worth re-writing about later on in this current blog, so I’ll have to keep that in mind later.

“If you had fun looking through your blog, why don’t you link it to us?”

Ahahahahaha¬†fuck that. I’d have to bury myself in the ground and live there until everyone forgets I ever existed, that would be the only way to rid of my soiled reputation if I showed my old blog.

Yes, it’s that bad. Then again, I guess most of our past selves were pretty bad, and don’t deny it.


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