I cannot use flowery language.

I really don’t know why. Flowery language just never comes to my mind whenever I’m writing, but always, always whenever I’m not writing. It’s like my brain likes to fuck with me or something. But yeah, flowery language just never comes to me. Instead I write with more standard and ‘basic’ words.

Even more surprising is the fact that I use more flowery words in prose, where usually, flowery words are generally expected far more in poetry.

Usually, though, in the poetry that I write, it mostly comes from my thoughts and I just write it in freeflow. Two things: One is that they almost always fits, as in the words fits, and if I do change it around, it will seem weird (no matter how substandard the words are). Two, apparently my general vocab is that of a fifth grader lol

I have tried to increase my vocabulary by using a sort of subscription, where a website would email me a new word every noon. Unfortunately, all those words are pretty much like SAT words: Useless. It’s gotten to the point where I think of them as spam, but everyday I keep telling myself, “Naaaah they’ll get better words the next day.”

I guess at the moment, I am satisfied with the poetry I’m writing right now (more or less), so I should be also more-or-less satisfied with my vocabulary. I’ll just learn… Slowly, really slowly. But either way I’m satisfied with my works, and that is what counts!

Still, I guess I should just pick up a dictionary later and stare at it for days lol


5 thoughts on “I cannot use flowery language.

  1. Don’t try to write in a voice (or words!) that’s not your own. That usually makes for really bad writing. Write how you write, and keep on doing it, and it will get better but also more “you.”


    • Yeah, that’s true. That’s what I’ve been telling myself and generally why I’ve been more satisfied with my writing as a whole, though it’d probably still be better for me to learn new words as I’ll be going to university and writing professional papers soon lol Thank you for the words of encouragement though, I’ll make sure to follow it closely as I write more! 🙂


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