My aunt’s actually kind. Yeah, after the last two posts, people would probably think not but she is. I mean, people all have their faults and bad traits, but they also have their good sides too, definitely.

I actually used to hate my aunt. Perhaps it’s influence from my dad because he sometimes talks bad about her, and the fact that I keep seeing her fight with my grandmother, but she can be nice. At least, to those she likes, but hey, we all can’t be expected to be nice to people we dislike right?

I used to hate her because she was racist, especially because we’re the minority in the country, but also because the stereotype here is that we’re rich. So… The rich minority, ish. Either way, I find her tendency to make racist comments anger me at times. And she used to be pretty ignorant and hateful towards the ones she dislikes unnecessarily.

But after spending more time with her now, I find that she’s actually pretty nice. She can be relaxed and won’t mind to pay for someone else, something a friend of hers brought to my attention when we were eating out. She can also be fun to talk to regardless.

Sure she can get pretty annoying at times with her remarks, but when all is said and done, I guess she’s a pretty good aunt.


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