I was nominated by a friend to do a trending list recently. I posted this on my Facebook, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I posted it here too.

“In your status, list 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take more than a few minutes and do not think too hard. They do not have to be the “right” books or great works of literature, just ones that have affected you in some way.”

1a. The Trumpet of the Swan – E.B. White.
1b. Charlotte’s Web – E.B. White.
2. The Innocent Mage – Karen Miller.
3a. Paranormality – Professor Richard Wiseman.
3b. :59 Seconds – Professor Richard Wiseman.
4. Eragon – Christopher Paolini.
5. The Philosopher’s Stone – J.K Rowling.
6. Totto-Chan: The Little Girl at the Window – Tetsuko Kuronayagi.
7a. Heidi – Johanna Spyri.
7b. I, Coriander – Sally Gardner.
8. A Time To Kill – John Grisham.
9. Criminal – Karin Slaughter.
10. The Giver – Lois Lowry.


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