I had an odd dream last night.

Just be warned, the following post is a very weird dream I had, so I’m going to write this with a stream-of-thoughts flow. Typos and boring words ahead.

I’m not really sure how this dream started out, I did remember seeing a puppy in a cage while in a very dark room. I’m pretty sure I took the puppy out afterwards, but I don’t know what for.

Scene change, and I’m in a mall. No, I think it was a house, the mall comes afterwards. I’m sure I’m missing a part here, because I thought to myself that I was in a mafia/gang of some sort. I wasn’t sure why, Hell, even I was bewildered even in the dream. I remember going, “Shit, what’s going on? Why am I in the mafia? What family am I in? Fuck I can’t even fight!”

Weirdest thing to note is that I’ve never even played Godfather or watched it, or even GTA or the like, but anyway.

So I was told to defend myself since we were sure that there was going to be an ambush, and they were right! Our enemies had the advantage though, I remember they had twenty people while we knly had five to eight. Either way, they came bursting through the windows and doors and they had guns.

Guns. And I was unarmed.

So I ducked out of the way. I remember being in a room similar to that of my dad’s TV room, and this person was shooting through a window. I took cover beside the window, so I wouldn’t be noticed. It was close though, he almost saw me, but I dashed out when he was reloading his gun. Then I tried to take on a guy without a gun.

What was interesting was that the guy was an underclassman back when I was still in high school. Thing is, I never talked to him before, all I know about him was his name, basically.

Another interesting thing, though, is that he had a kind of spray, like pepper spray but it didn’t shoot out pepper. Instead it shot out some kind of hot adhesive. I charged at him and he sprayed at me, but I closed my eyes and just blindly took his staff.

Oh right, he also had a bo staff… Of some sort. It was a red, plastic staff he used as a bo staff. It was weird, but sturdy, and somehow I was able to take it from him with very limited sight (since the spray made my eyes stick together or something). In a moment of Mary Sueness, I was also able to defeat him and a few others, even though I had no clue at all in how to use a bo staff, even in the dream. I wielded it weirdly and it moved slowly, but it was still able to knock them off their feet lol

What stopped me from my heroic rampage was when I saw my friend fighting for the bad guys. She’s a very close friend of mine who went to Taiwan a month ago for university, who’s going to start next week actually.

Anyway, I was pretty shocked and I remember saying that I didn’t want to fight her. But she wouldn’t take that, and she acted rather oddly too. It was as if she thought everything was a game and she regarded me with… Cheerful malice (no idea how else to describe it). Basically, she wanted to kill me but she acted with just the utmost glee.

I forgot how but she backed me into a wall. She was laughing (I was not) and she said something about “Climb, climb, climb, climb!” and I was forced up the wall by using her hands as a platform for my feet. I remember being distressed about going to be killed and just overall depressed that I had to kill her instead of being killed. I didn’t want to do it, but I had no choice!

So I drove up my bo stick against her neck, and man was the bo stick sturdier than it looked, because somehow, the stick was able to pierce through her neck. I could see her bone splinter out of her neck at the other end, but oddly, there was no blood. And what convinced me that it was a nightmare was that she kept smiling even after all that. It was creepy, to say the least.

I can’t remember what happened afterwards, but I remember being in a mall next. Nothing of special interest happened, we were just ambushed again but I don’t remember what happened.

Oh, now I remember what happened with my friend! I remember I asked her why she would want to fight me, and she told me that it was because she was in her family and I was in another. She wasn’t the one who said this, but somehow, a montague appeared to interrupt my dream and show that she was lovers with a childhood friends of hers.

Of course, being enemies, we set her lover up. We sent my friend’s lover a fake message that my friend was going to meet him in a sort of grassy plain. But since my friend was dead, she obviously couldn’t meet her lover and the last thing I remember seeing was that he looked confused because my friend wasn’t there.

To be honest, I felt sadder for my friend’s imaginary lover after I woke up, ’cause damn that situation is a real tragedy.

But yeah, this was basically my odd as fuck dream.


2 thoughts on “I had an odd dream last night.

  1. That dream of yours is right up there with my ‘alien’ dreams. I can’t tell you how many ‘lights in the sky’ and freaky aliens I see when I close my eyes at night. More often than not, the spaceships turn out to be populated with Russians though, who are out to terminate humankind and take over the world. 🙂 I have a whole host of other strange topics rattling about in my dreams also. Keeps the night-life interesting, don’t you think? Except when they get a bit scary.

    Some schools of thought believe that each person who turns up in a dream is an aspect of our ‘self’ and that we’re attempting to integrate it into our personality. That means you and I are in big trouble. 🙂


    • Haha, those sound like very interesting dreams too! I’ve actually had a dream a long time ago where I was on a mission (Assassin’s Creed style) to kill an old lady only to be almost killed by an old lady myself! (She was about to kill me but I woke up).

      It does keep night-life interesting, but yes, I am worried about our ‘selves’ and personalities lol :b


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