A bit about my mature themed posts:

Which I should have clarified earlier (my bad). Posts that have cut-offs have themes that I consider mature, basically not within socially accepted themes. Examples of these include Blue (theme of drowning), The Silver Dagger (gore), Dancing parts 1 & 2 (incest).

I am not going to say that these posts are exclusively only for people above the age of eighteen. This is the internet, things like those will obviously not work. Instead, these cut-offs are mainly for those who would feel uncomfortable with the themes included (usually, they’re tagged on the bottom of the post).

However, under no circumstances will I ever post (and write) smut. I am pretty sure that’s not allowed here and I don’t write stuff like that anyways. So don’t worry, this blog won’t randomly turn into 50 Shades of Gray lol

Just wanted to make sure people understand.


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