To be honest:

I never expected to get any followers. At all. 

At first, I thought that WordPress would be like Tumblr or Blogspot, you know? An anonymous website for personal diaries and blogs where no one, at all, would follow you unless you were to post everywhere screaming and flailing, “FOLLOW ME I’M COOL!”. The only people I thought would follow this thing would be my friend, I thought that none of my posts would be liked, well apparently not.

But now, I don’t know why, but I feel uncomfortable.

I may seem a bit ungrateful at this point because there are those who actively search for people to follow them but can’t, don’t get me wrong, I actually am really grateful to see people follow me out of their own volition (regardless of how they found me). Especially since all of them are amazing people who post equally wonderful content on their own blogs. To be followed and to have their posts liked by them, and especially to have my writing seen and to know that people like it, it’s a great feeling!

However, it still feels uncomfortable. Particularly because I initially intended this blog to be mainly for my personal endeavors and thoughts and for my writing to be at the side only. Look at how that turned out lol

I’m not saying “shoo, go away, unfollow me”. No, don’t, please stay, that was not why I placed the ‘follow’ button down there on the sidebar in the first place. To know that people are actually reading your posts and creations, without asking them to do so, is just something that I haven’t accustomed to yet.

Though, do be warned that I will still post what may look like diary entries, no matter what this blog is turning out to be. I won’t stop posting embarrassing events even if I know now that people are potentially reading I think.

Still, at the end of the day, I’m glad to know that there are people out there who like to read what I write. It’s a nice change, no matter how it feels uncomfortable, from the other times I’ve tried to kept up blogs (like my Tumblr). So sincerely, thank you to those who do enjoy reading Fluency, I hope that I will continue to impress!


5 thoughts on “To be honest:

  1. Thats sweet!

    I remember when i wrote my first blog post, i was like ”No one’s gonna reading this”
    But i guess the post title was way too loud, people couldnt avoid it! Lol 😀

    Alot is to be learned as well, a piece of you is attached to your words! And that honesty and simplicity is what catches the people’s attention and get’em connected to you!

    If you go on flailing ”Follow me, I’m cool”
    you probably might die with that written on your tomb lol

    I’m here giving notes (I cant believe it),
    I’m a new citizen of blogopolis too,
    Nice to meet you! 🙂

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    • Yeah! Haha, I get you! I’m pleasantly surprised that people are attracted to the post titles then, goes to show that I am alright as far as this ‘naming’ thing goes lol

      Yes, I’m definitely sure that you’re right about being attached to my own words, if not then I would have never continued writing after long periods of being unproductive! Thank you for your kind words though, it really made my day 🙂

      That’s also true about the flailing lol I’m glad I haven’t seen anyone like that so far in WP though. It’s nice to meet you too, and since we’ve only just started, I hope we can learn much from each other! 😀

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  2. Your comments really resonated with me. We’re new bloggers too. We just started this summer and I thought the same thing – I’m always just astounded when a stranger follows us or likes a post. I’m glad you found us and that we found you. It is fun to send our thoughts and ideas out into the universe and see what comes back at us! Thanks for sharing.


    • I know! Now that I’ve been getting more followers, I’ve been more at ease at the fact that they like reading my blog. I’m glad I found another blogger who just started and feels the same way as I do! Thank you for reading my post 🙂


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