A Powerful Smell

It’s weird how the brain works, isn’t it? I’ve only just realized this when the memory of my family’s old apartment jumped at me, but instead of recalling the way that my room looked, I recalled the scent of the apartment’s hallways. The hallway smelled spicy and sharp, not like the light and lofty air of the air conditioner that is currently filling my room right now.

It got me to thinking how powerful the brain is to be able to overlap with what I’m currently sensing. To know that a scent from approximately seven years ago can still be recalled, and that I can pinpoint it clearly in a completely different environment, even for just a few seconds. 

Weird, isn’t it?

But perhaps it’s thanks to my powerful brain that I am still able to relive moments from my childhood in that particularly quaint and homey environment. I missed the apartment, truth be told, and I’ve told my parents several times that if I were to ever live alone, I would pick an apartment over a house. Probably not when I have children, but there is a certain atmosphere from living in an apartment that I desperately desire. 

Perhaps it was because of this desire that I could still remember things from so long ago, but perhaps it was also because of how the memories were able to stick to me for so long that I gained the urge to recreate it as best as possible. 

Whatever it is, I look forward to having my own apartment later on in the future.


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