For some reason…

So many of my old poems are so depressing LOL. I don’t even know why that is, but the amusing part is that it seems like the depressing ones are the best ones that I’ve written. I don’t feel sad, or angry, or depressed from acknowledging this fact or from re-reading the poems I wrote back then, I just feel amused to know that. Looking back almost makes me want to laugh, almost.

The ironic thing is that I legitimately cannot write about anything with a constant theme of happiness in it. Scrolling through my #words tag would get you at least one sad theme in every entry. At least one, and it’s usually a sad ending (except for Dancing pt. 1, which can go either way depending on the interpretation). For some reason, I really cannot write a happy ending. It just doesn’t… Fit. 

For those of you following my blog, get ready for depressing stories.


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